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Work & Office

Swearing in the Office (article2)

Romance in the Office

How to Discourage Sexual Harassment in the Office

Management Responses for Performance Evaluations

BubbaSoft's Flowchart for Problem Resolution

What to do when having computer problems

Prison versus Work

BubbaSoft Weekly Planner


Health & Medicine

Why Beer is Better Than Milk

Beer is Good for the Heart

An Eyeful a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Why asparagus makes your pee stink

BubbaSoft Discovers a Man's True Brain

Parent's Favorite Chewable Vitamins for Kids

Rape Drug Used On Men



Woman Are Dangerous Goods

BubbaSoft's New Internet Dating Service

Romance in the Office

What NOT to do on a blind date

The Perfect Attitude for the Perfect Woman

The Do's and Don'ts of Dating Woman

BubbaSoft's Fail-Safe Condom

Avoiding Bad Dating Practices



The Real Story behind Coronas Beer

How to make cocktails (on-line)



BubbaSoft's State-of-the-Art Golf Lessons



Terrorists Spotted In Cincinnati (* FBI Warning *)

Georgia Interstate Highway Renumbering

Delta Ebonics Commercial (new video)

When Men learn how to drive Cars



Who is Jack Schitt?

The Most Powerful Word

The Most Interesting Word

Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic



Celebrity Babes of BubbaSoft

Magazine for Men who are Pussy Whipped (July 2001)

Magazine for Men who are Pussy Whipped (March 2003)

Creating a Fart for your friends

BubbaSoft's version of Jurassic Park


Advice Column (Dear Bubba)

What to do when getting pulled over

How to Park Your Car Downtown

BubbaSoft's Expert Solution to Safe Sex

How To Make Easter Eggs



Saddam must Go!


Science & Technology

BubbaSoft Experiments with Bringing Light to a Standstill

BubbaSoft Military Toys

Microwaveable CD-ROMs


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