Current Product Line:

Lock Cracker

Armored Humidor

 Soda Constructor 

DigiScents (article1 article2)

Gulf Stream Ice Cream

Beer Goggles

BubbaSoft Crayons for the entire Family

Bubba Spud Gun

BubbaSoft Deluxe Snow Blower

New BubbaSoft PC Upgrade

On-line Cocktail Planner

Head Rush Beer Bong

BubbaSoft's New Personal Jetpack

BubbaSoft's New Motorized Recliner

BubbaSoft Military Toys

New Microwaveable CD-ROMs

BubbaSoft's Exquisite Road Pizza Delivery Service

Bust Firmer for Women


Future Product Ideas:

Scratch and Sniff TV's and Monitors

Hand Held Nuclear Grenades

MacroWave Refrigerator

Remote Control for Traffic Lights and Elevators

Pocket Weather Radar

Nuclear Batteries

Reinvent the Clock Radio (with advance/programmable alarm system)

BubbaSoft Cross Your Heart Bra


You can submit your grandiose money making product ideas to  We can give you the credit but certainly not the dough.

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